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Everything you need to know!

  • How much does MyHouse cost?
    Our full package is $2500, which includes: A permit application A realistic project schedule Important to-dos at each step. Connections to vetted local tradesmen Introductions to local suppliers (with discounts). Detailed material takeoffs Access to discounted and timely labor
  • What projects does MyHouse support?
    MyHouse is currently available for kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.
  • Do I have to apply for permits?
    Yes. We will fill out the permit application with your information, but you must submit the application at the building department or online if the city requires. The permits will be filled out for a homeowner managing their own projects.
  • Do I need to pay for building permits?
    Yes. Every city is different, but you should bring various forms of payment to the building department if you are filing for the permit in person.
  • Do I need to file electrical or plumbing permits?
    No. Electricians and plumbers will file their own permits.
  • Do I need to provide the building department with my plumber or electrician’s insurance certificates?
    No. Electricians and plumbers will provide the building department with their own certificates.
  • What are the risks of applying for permits as a homeowner?
    Before applying for your own building permits, please take a look at these facts from the Massachusetts Federation of Building Officials.
  • How do I receive a discount with material suppliers?
    Each MyHouse customer will receive a unique customer code. We will also make a direct email introduction to our salespeople at each store, so you won’t have to worry about asking for a discount.
  • What happens if an unforeseen issue arises?
    As part of the MyHouse package you will receive access to discounted local labor. We guarantee assistance on the project within 7 days.

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